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Hi guys!

Dr Shervin here from Artistic Dental Studio. Today I am going to talk about tooth sensitivity and what is most annoying about that.

 First of all, what is really concerning to me as a dentist is that tooth sensitivity directly affects your quality of life. You subconsciously deprive yourself of all hot and cold foods and beverages and even in some cases, you subconsciously avoid smiling or even talking!

  There are many different reasons for tooth sensitivity And I just wanted to list the most popular ones and what could be done about them in a very short blog for you today.

–          So, let’s begin with gum recession, which is one of the major causes of tooth sensitivity. Normally the surface of the roots of the teeth should be covered with gum, but in some cases for any given reason, those surfaces are not covered anymore and Therefore sensitivity begins. The reason why gum recession happens is mostly because of incorrect brushing, I mean in terms of movement, force, or the type of toothbrush (manual or electric, or type of brush bristles). These are the things that one need to be mindful about and always check with dentist. The second thing that could cause recession is a bulky crown, veneer, or filling. The third one could be improper positioning of some teeth that could contribute to recession. What could be done about all these is a check-up with your dentist and just make sure the contributing factor is corrected.

–          The second cause of sensitivity could be due to presence of decay somewhere in your mouth. As you know, decay is a collection of bacteria penetrating the tooth and it could cause sensitivity, especially to cold and sweets.  Normal 6 monthly check up and cleans could easily prevent that.

–          The third reason why we face Sensitivity is because of any gaps between the teeth and the previous restorations, I mean crowns, veneers or fillings. Those leaky areas could trigger a pain response and cause sensitivity.

–          Another cause of sensitivity could be grinding or clenching. As a result, teeth get over loaded and the nerve inside gets irritated and begins to respond to normal stimuli that previously was not triggering any pain response. So, if you think you grind or clench while stressed out or during sleep at night, please watch our previous videos or check our website to read our blog about how we can reduce the chance of grinding and clenching and also, you need to double check with your dentist to see if you are a proper candidate for a night guard.

–           The next reason why teeth get sensitive could be possibly a crack somewhere. Cracks are small openings on the surface that could easily extend toward the nerve inside. Cracks could cause a pain response specially on biting.

–          Any possible chipping on teeth could be a cause for sensitivity as well.

–           In people with poor oral hygiene, there is accumulation of plaque and bacteria around teeth that could trigger the sensitivity response.

–          Erosion of enamel (hard shell on the teeth) could be a cause of sensitivity. In people with gastric reflux, the enamel thins out overtime. This could be a source of sensitivity as well.

–          People who enjoy fibrous or acidic food and beverages could experience sensitivity because these type of foods and beverages if not consumed in moderation, could have the same effect as acidic reflux and enamel will suffer and as a consequence, sensitivity begins.

–          And last but not least, is the use of tooth whitening toothpastes. These are very aggressive to teeth. They cause some scratches, which could lead to entrapment of bacteria and overtime it aggravates the sensitivity or even initiates it.

 Alright, so as the tip for today, always be under control. See your dentist on six monthly intervals and in patients with gastric reflux, see your GP to make sure you can tackle this situation.

 Thank you very much and I hope I was able to list the most important causes of tooth sensitivity.

 Enjoy the rest of your day and goodbye!

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