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Today, I want to clarify some crucial points regarding tooth whitening, as I believe it is one of the murkiest topics in dentistry today.

Firstly, many people think why they need to pay a few hundred dollars to have their teeth whitened, when they can grab an OTC (over the counter) kit from local chemist at a lower price and do it themselves.

Truth is, yes, it is possible, but the only issue is the type and concentration of the material being used. It could either be so mild it has no perceivable effects, or too potent, which could easily damage not only your teeth, but also surrounding tissues (gums and even bone underneath). This could lead to some damage, (loss of enamel of teeth, severe sensitivity, gum recession; etc), which are really hard to repair, if not impossible. Besides, it could cost you thousands.

Secondly, as a lay person, you may think you can get outstanding results by the use of a particular product, advertised on social media or recommended by a friend. I will tell you in a minute why it is not true!

The reason is, the cause of discoloration varies between individuals and more interestingly, between teeth in the same mouth. In many cases, a combination of methods (Chemical, mechanical; etc) need to be utilized to tackle the issue.

This is why having a consultation with your dentist is of prime importance to minimize side effects and maximize results.

For more information, either check the whitening video on our website, book a consultation, or wait for whitening video from my “dentistry in simple terms” video series on our YouTube channel.

Have a fantastic day!

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