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Doctor Shervin here again from Artistic Dental Studio. The topic of today is one of the most commonly asked questions I’ve been dealing with in the last 25 years. It’s because of my background as a Prosthodontist (I am working as a general dentist here in Australia due to some red tapes), however, I’m still dedicated to the same discipline. The topic is: “Tooth loss: why, when, what, and how to tackle”.

Let’s jump in: firstly, people always ask why you need to replace a missing invisible back tooth. The answer is simple:

– Teeth are like books in a bookshelf, when you remove one, the others will tip over. This causes instability in the area and disturbs the contacts between the teeth in the same dental arch. Therefore, it causes food entrapment, decay, and gum disease. On the other hand, the contact between the affected arch and the opposing one will be disturbed, causing cracks, chippings and fractures, overloads the joints and produces muscle tenderness.

– Even when a single tooth is lost, in fact two teeth exit the chewing cycle, so forces produced during chewing will be concentrated on the other teeth, shortening their life span. As a conclusion, missing teeth generally need to be replaced.

Now here comes the next question: when? the sooner, the better. It largely depends on the approach chosen, which is the subject of the next blog. For example, if the late implant or a denture is chosen as the treatment modality, the area needs to heal for a couple of months first. The exact time varies depending on the case before treatment could be initiated, but all we talked about in terms of consequences begin to happen immediately. So, the quicker the treatment, the less will be the damage.

In the next blog, I’m going to explain what needs to be done before replacement and how and in what order treatment needs to be rendered. I will tell you about different approaches to make you a bit more familiar with the whole process.

Hope you enjoy this one!

Have a fantastic day!

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