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Hello dear People!

Today’s topic is the continuation of previous blog about tooth loss. Now that you know how important it is to take the plunge and do something, the next question is what needs to be done?

The first action you need to take is to book a consultation with your dentist to:

Evaluate the consequences of tooth loss and how to take appropriate measures to correct them,
Have a chat about different available options and check the other factors like: time, cost, level of commitment; etc.
Correct the consequences of tooth loss first.
Are there any tilted, rotated, misaligned teeth due to tooth loss?
Is there any gum disease or decay around?
What about the health of joins or muscles?
And finally, how could appearance be regained like the way it was before?
Depending on how long has elapsed since tooth loss, these preliminary treatments may vary. The last phase will be the execution of approved treatment plan.

There are 3 main options to choose from:

In modern dentistry today, implants are always considered as the first option, because it is the most natural way to replace a tooth. Some screw(s) are inserted into jawbone to replace missing root(s) and teeth are connected to them either as a fixed or removable option. It is quite comfy when done and function and appearance is normally quite acceptable, but there are some Pitfalls as well like cost, need for surgery, and time.

The second option is bridgework. The missing tooth or teeth are replaced by crowning the neighbouring teeth and missing tooth is replaced and connected to them in a form of a bridge. It is quite comfy and aesthetic, normally no surgery is required, and it could be done relatively quickly. But it could be costly and neighbouring teeth need to be crowned.

The third option, which is not common these days is denture. it’s a removable device resting on gums and surrounding teeth. It is the cheapest way to replace missing teeth, doesn’t require surgery and could be done quickly. However, it is bulky, in majority of cases not aesthetic, it wobbles and needs to be left in a glass of water during the night.

I’m so sorry I cannot go through details anymore now as it will be beyond the scope of this blog, but I promise I will talk about these modalities in depth in separate upcoming blogs.

Wish you all the best!

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