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Welcome to Artistic Dental Studio again! I am Dr Shervin with another episode of My Dental Tips. I am going to explain the two most important misconceptions about crooked smiles.

To begin with, I just wanted to address something first:

What constitutes a beautiful smile?

First and foremost, some people may consider their smiles as crooked, but in fact, they are referring to something like a not “perfectly” aligned teeth, which does not necessarily mean a crooked smile.

You know, in a perfect smile sometimes we see some asymmetries between right- and left-hand sides and it makes it even more natural. What some people do like is a symmetric smile, some people like asymmetric smiles and both could work. But what I mean by a “crooked smile” is something in which teeth are misaligned to a degree that they do not look pleasant, and they cause some other problems as well.


Now, let’s focus on the two misconceptions:

The first one is that people normally think crooked smile just has aesthetic implications. In fact, it is not true. Aesthetic implications are the first thing one normally notices, but as dentists, we can see another side of it. When teeth are misaligned, there are some spaces between them that is hard to clean and that will lead to more dental decay and also gum problems, and this could be even more important than the appearance. So, people with crooked teeth normally face situations like higher incidents of gum bleeding and gum problems and also a higher frequency of dental decay. A crooked smile could cause damage to teeth and also to the muscles and jaw joints. Since the upper and lower teeth are not making contact as they should because of misalignment, it could cause more strain on teeth, therefore there would be more wear and tear and it could cause chips and cracks. Overall, it reduces the life span of teeth. Also, because teeth are not making contact as they should, muscles that are attached to the jaw usually get more tender. These people normally experience muscle pain and spasm, and jaw joints will get overloaded over time and this causes some joint problems down the track.

The second misconception is that many people are under this impression that correction of their misaligned or crooked smile is a hard job to do. In fact, in many cases it is not. What I mean by this is that in many cases we can easily just reshape the teeth and remove tiny amount from here and there to gain better alignment and contours. This way we can improve the appearance and health and it could be done all in just one session, this easy! In many cases, with the use of Invisalign we could provide patient with much better alignment and aesthetic without even touching their teeth. There are some other measures as well, like composite veneers that could be done in one sitting very quickly and provide very good results. Of course, there are some more sophisticated ones like porcelain veneers, crowns or braces and different surgical procedures to correct crooked smile scenario. What I wanted to get at is that correction of crooked smile should not be necessarily an aggressive or long or expensive procedure.

Okay guys, I hope this short blog could have addressed some of your concerns about crooked smiles. Please share our blog, stick around for another blog very soon And I hope you have a very good one.

Thank you and bye!

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