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Hi dear followers!

Dr Shervin here form Artistic Dental Studio with another dose of My Dental Tips.

Today I am pumped because I am going to talk about a problem which is quite common and could lead to bigger complications.

You may have noticed tiny amount of bleeding from your gum during brushing, while asleep at night (you see the stain on your pillow), or even when you bite on something chewy like apple.

As a dentist, I have heard it many times that when people experience such a thing, they try to avoid those bleeding areas during brushing or flossing, or they even stop brushing or flossing altogether.

This is the biggest mistake one could make, but why?

The reason why bleeding happens in the first place is because of accumulation of bacteria, plaque, or tartar around the neck of teeth, which initiates an inflammatory response by your body. As a consequence, gum gets puffy and begins to bleed.

The only way we can make sure bleeding stops is to eliminate the causative factors. It could be done by proper brushing and flossing (in case of plaque and bacteria) or having a session of cleaning done with your dentist, if tartar has already been formed.

Normally, after following these instructions, inflammation will go away, and bleeding stops in a few weeks.

Now, what if it is not done?

In majority of cases, bacteria will penetrate more deeply over time, begin to eat away the bone around the roots of the affected teeth, and after a while, teeth will get wobbly as a result. Once the bone is gone, it is gone!

So, as the take home tip, please make sure you follow your check up and clean sessions regularly, and also, pay enough attention to your oral hygiene.

You can check our Facebook page for brushing and flossing video if you are not quite sure how to do it.


Alright guys, I hope this blog could help you get back on the right track with your oral health.


Have a good one!

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