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Dr Shervin here from Artistic Dental Studio with another dose of My Dental tips.

Dental treatments could be painful at times, but the most annoying thing about them is the cost.


You may have had this experience when you had a recent dental check-up and clean and suddenly you felt something was wrong again and you had to go back to your dentist.

Apart from having to endure some discomfort, you unexpectedly had to fork out some money and spend some time again.

Would you like to know how you can avoid that?

Simples! The exam and clean process should be as comprehensive as possible to make sure nothing is missed, but how?

Nowadays, we as dentists, could benefit from the latest technology to make this thing happen.

One piece of technology that could greatly help is IOS or intra-oral scanner.

Intra-oral scanners are basically super high-resolution cameras taking multiple shots per second to capture literally everything. Besides helping us see all surfaces of teeth,


they show us the way upper and lower teeth make contact. Some of them could even show us the changes that could have happened on the teeth or gum over time.


This could come handy in cases in which dentist suspects grinding or gum recession, and they want to monitor the progression.


In the latest generation of intra-oral scanners, we utilise infra-red camera to detect minor areas of decay in between teeth, which sometimes is impossible to find on normal X rays.

As you can see, all these facilities could help us make sure the exam process is as comprehensive as possible, so there will be no nasty surprise after all the planned treatment is done.

This is what we take pride to provide at our dental studio.

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Stick around for the next exciting blog.

Have a good one!

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