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Hi everyone!
Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.
I am super excited today, because I will be going to introduce you to a treatment procedure, which has facilitated the way we do cosmetic and restorative dentistry.
Welcome to another episode of My Dental Tips!
My topic today is about laser applications in dentistry.

As you may know, lasers are high energy photons concentrated over a tiny area to produce certain effects.
There are many different applications of laser in dentistry, which could range from different surgical procedures to treatments of gum disease, root canal treatment, alleviation of jaw joint pain, tooth decay treatment, teeth whitening, help with tissue healing, and so on and so forth.

What really pertains to our practice as a provider of cosmetic treatments is the way laser could help with tissue leveling.

In many cases, the patient is either gummy smile (I mean too much display of gum during a normal smile), the gum levels are not even on both sides of the mouth, or the gum has covered the teeth in way teeth appear short and therefore, unsightly.

Obviously in majority of cases, the excessive gum needs to be removed. This is where lasers come handy because they provide a delicate, efficient way by which we could do the procedure with minimal post-op complications.
There is minimal bleeding during the procedure, and healing is way better compared to other methods in terms of possible infection, swelling and other issues afterwards.

I wish this was quite helpful.
Have a great one!

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