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You know what I’ve found out about crowns after 23 years of working in dentistry?

Truth is, despite all of our efforts as healthcare professionals to educate our patients regarding the “hostile” environment of the mouth and its consequences, the “homeostatic” mindset still persists.

The reasons are two-fold:

Firstly, it is so hard to comprehend and digest the normal deterioration phenomenon of the mouth in layman’s terms, and secondly, convincing patients to opt for such an expensive treatment modality (I mean crowning), before anything bothering has ever happened, is quite challenging.

I firmly believe we need to deepen the awareness of our patients by focusing on improving the “visual aids” pertaining to real clinical scenarios and then, do try to compare the patient’s individual circumstances with it.

This is what we, at Artistic Dental Studio are trained to do to prevent any further damage to your masticatory system

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