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Hi dear followers!

Welcome to the last episode of digital dentistry blogs from My dental tips series. I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.


I am really excited today, because I am going to tell you how the journey of digital dentistry ends and how beneficial it could be for patients.

If you have followed the previous blogs on digital dentistry, you should know by now that digital dentistry and DSD (digital smile design) provide remarkable value and help in the planning phase of the treatment.

Now the treatment plan is accepted, and patient is ready to kick start the journey.

Digital dentistry could help:

  • In the diagnostic phase, for example by utilising NIRI (near infra-red imaging) technology, we can analyse the spaces between teeth and detect any tiny decay. This is a strong adjunct to X rays and helps us regain oral health more predictably.


  • In the treatment phase, many devices (guides) could be made based on the virtual plan to help us execute the treatment in the most reliable manner.



  • After treatment is finished, we can easily compare the results with the initial plan and make necessary adjustments


  • And finally, digital dentistry helps us in the maintenance phase by the capacity of tracking teeth over time to detect any possible changes and providing any required modifications down the line.


Alright guys, I will have more exciting topics to talk about as we proceed further down the enticing path of digital dentistry.

Check the other topics in the News section of our website!

Have a fantastic day!

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