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Hello everyone!

Would you like to know how easy it is to benefit from digital dentistry?! Bear with me, I will show you in a tick!


Welcome to the fourth blog on digital dentistry from My Dental Tips Series. I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.

I hope you have got a rough idea so far about how digital dentistry could help create a nicer experience for patients.

In order to do this, we need to see patients on two appointments: the first is to “digitalize” the patient, which means to prepare some records from them and also to do a quick smile simulation, and the second is to present them with the treatment plan and show them what they can achieve.


1st appointment: this basically begins with a comprehensive dental exam, asking about patient’s goals, taking some photos, a video and a full mouth scan. In the end, it is possible to show them roughly how they would look like at the end of treatment, how cool is that?!

2nd appointment: on this session, all ins and outs of the treatment plan, the risks, limitations, benefits, cost, and time frame will be presented to you in an understandable, illustrative format. Based on that, you are free to accept, decline, or modify the treatment plan according to your circumstances.

This way we can make sure there are no misunderstandings, and your expectations are met or even exceeded by us.

Please watch this space for the next blog.

Have a great one!

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