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Hi guys! Welcome to the third blog on Digital dentistry from My Dental Tips series. I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.

So far, I have been talking about the advantages of digital dentistry and how it could help patients.

The question is: HOW?



This is the topic of today. Let me introduce you to DSD (digital smile design). DSD is a protocol and methodology developed by Dr Christian Coachman. This concept has changed the way we do our smile make overs drastically.

It not only helps us create a much nicer experience for our patients, but also, we can make sure our smile make overs are not only beautiful, but also functional and long lasting.


You may have heard people experience chipping or cracking of their veneers or crowns after a while, the treatment was beautiful, but not essentially functional. DSD helps us plan the case accurately, render the treatment plan precisely, and make sure nothing is out of control.


We are able to compare every stage of treatment with the pre-determined plan to avoid guesswork.


It has provided the opportunity to implement “exactly” what we have planned in computer in patient’s mouth. It is easy to use and very efficient.


In order to do the DSD workflow, we need to see the patient twice: once for making records, or digitalizing the patient, and the second appointment for presenting the plan and beginning the treatment.


Next time I will cover these two exciting sessions for you.


Please email us in case of any questions and stick around.

Have a fantastic day and goodbye!

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