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Hi everybody! Would you like to be the co-author of your smile? If yes, stay with me, I want to show you how!


Welcome to another dose of My Dental Tips, and the second blog on digital dentistry. I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio. Just imagine how exciting it is if it is possible to have the smile of your favourite actor or family member or whoever, or if you can participate in the process of your smile make over?


With the help of digital dentistry, it is no longer a dream! And this is the topic of today named “copy and paste dentistry”.

It may seem quite bizarre and unbelievable that we can provide patients with the smile they were always dreaming of. For instance, a mum wants to have her daughter’s smile, because she thinks her smile is exactly what she had when she was young! No worries at all!

Another application of copy and paste dentistry is that we can scan patient’s face, teeth, and smile and keep it on our database in case it is needed later on. For example, in case of accidents involving teeth, we can make sure we are able to restore the teeth “exactly” according to the previous smile.

Another benefit of digital dentistry is “guided dentistry”.

What I mean by guided is that since everything is pre-planned virtually before the initiation of treatment, we are able to create guides according to the approved plan by dentist and patient to help us do the treatment in harmony with the project.

For example, if dental implants are what needed, certain guides are made to put implants in the predetermined positions without the need to cut the gum in majority of cases. This greatly reduces the chance of pain, swelling and other complications after implant surgery.

Also, we can check the quality of the final treatment and make necessary adjustments when needed, because the original plan is something we can always refer to, therefore there is no guesswork during the whole treatment process.


Please watch this space for the next blog, when I will present the system that has allowed us to benefit from the whole digital workflow. Don’t forget to share. Have a great day!


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