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Hi everyone!

Would you like to know about the latest innovation in the field of dentistry?  Bear with me, you will be super excited!


Welcome to My Dental Tips and the new series of blogs about digital dentistry. I am your host, Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio. I am pumped today, as the topic I am going to cover in the next 5 blogs is something that has revolutionised the field of dentistry in the past few years.

It’s a “movement”, which began nearly 15 years ago, and I have been eagerly following the latest trends related to that. The problem was, due to the lack of technology, not all aspects of it were applicable to our day-to-day dental practice, but with recent advancements of technology, it is fully functional now.

Let me jump in:

The main problem of dentistry since the inception of early dental science was the lack of predictability and its reliance to dentist’s artistic talent and dexterity.

Let me simplify this: As a patient, you go to your local dentist, expecting to achieve dental health and improve your smile the way you want. The problem was that your dentist had a hard time trying to explain what you needed, and how the ultimate result would look like. In some cases, it could have led to your disappointment as a patient, because you either couldn’t understand the whole treatment process in the first place, or the result was different from what you had envisaged. Also, it could cause frustration for your dentist, having to change the project (treatment) the way you wanted after it was almost finished, because it was different from what they promised.

With the aid of digital dentistry, all these problems are solved. In this method, everything is being done virtually with high precision. The processes of examination, documentation, treatment presentation, treatment, and maintenance afterwards have all been simplified and now are more efficient and predictable.

Lets’ begin with the first session you go to a dentist:

You normally have to grin and bear uncomfortable intra and extra-oral photos, you need to tolerate gagging impression materials in case impressions are needed, and it is hard for you to see what is wrong and why you need to go through the treatment proposed by your dentist, right?!


All is history now! With the new technology and the use of intra-oral scanners, a full picture of your teeth could easily be produced in a matter of minutes. You do not have to put up with nasty impression materials, because the same scan acts as an accurate model of your teeth too. Your dentist will be capable of explaining and showing you the problem in a more efficient manner, and you can easily comprehend the objectives of the treatment and where it will lead to.

You will also be able to see the result even before the treatment is initiated! How cool is that?!

To know more about these awesome features please tune in for the next blog and share this blog with your buddies.

Have a great one! Bye!

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