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Hello beautiful people!

Welcome to another blog with me, doctor Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.

This is the 2nd blog on dental trauma, and I would like to talk about broken teeth.

After reading this blog, you will know how to deal with a broken tooth, how serious it is, and what could be done to reduce the risks associated with that.

Firstly, you need to make sure there is no loss of consciousness or serious bleeding as these are much more important than a broken tooth.

Secondly, try to find the broken piece. in some cases, dentist could simply put it back if not crumbled.

Thirdly, assess the situation. There are four possibilities:

  • Fracture is a tiny chipping limited to the edge of a tooth and enamel. Let me give you some explanation about this: as you may know, especially if you have followed my previous blogs, enamel is the hardest material in body, covering the teeth. Underneath enamel is Dentin, which is much softer and due to presence of nerves inside, it is quite sensitive. Finally, in the centre of the tooth, there is nerve and also blood vessels. In the first scenario, the fracture is limited to enamel. In this case, the tooth could be sore temporarily and although you need to check that with the dentist, it is not a super urgent issue. Dentist could either repair that area or smoothen and polish it.
  • The second possibility is when fracture happens in Dentin. In this case, the tooth could be sensitive, and depending on the depth of the fracture and proximity to the nerve, sensitivity varies. This matter is more urgent, and you need to see dentist to restore the tooth, so the nerve inside will not be affected.
  • The third possibility are fractures involving the nerve. You could see a red or bleeding spot on fracture site. It should be taken seriously, and quick action is required to prevent the tooth from getting infected.
  • And the last possibility are fractures that extend to the surface of the root underneath the gum. They may involve the nerve as well. This is also an emergency and should be treated ASAP because the area could get infected rapidly.


So, to put it in a nutshell:

  • make sure there is no loss of consciousness or serious bleeding.
  • Retrieve the broken part if possible.
  • Assess the severity and act accordingly.
  • You can use analgesics to sooth the pain, ask the person to remain on soft diet, avoid very hot or cold foods, and use mouthwash and brushing if possible, to keep the area clean until dentist is available.


Thank you, guys!

Please share this blog and stick around for another one soon.


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