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G’day guys!

Would you like to know why some people are dissatisfied with the cosmetic treatment they receive at a dentist, despite of all efforts and time that was put in?
There is something you may not be aware of regarding cosmetic dental treatments, and this is the subject of the fourth blog on “Behind the scenes in dentistry” from My Dental Tips Series.

Welcome everyone! I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.
As a dentist dedicated to cosmetic dental treatments for over 25 years, I totally understand how a patient may feel when they are about to begin an elective cosmetic treatment. First of all, it is an “elective” procedure, so it is not a “must do” kind of thing. On the other hand, patient needs to allocate time and money in order to get it done. It is quite understandable that all individuals aim for something exceptional in terms of appearance and longevity and want to receive something as close as what they had envisaged.

But why such a thing doesn’t happen in some circumstances?
There should be a reasonable “Match” between patient’s expectations and the final result.
As dentists, we used to try hard to depict what the final result would look like by using sketches,
photos, applications like Photoshop, softwares like Power point or Keynote,
models, wax ups (which is the model of final product made in wax), or mock-ups (or the tooth-coloured model of the finished product seated on patient’s teeth).

And as patients, they tried to visualize the final outcome and depending on how convincing those methods were and how much they trusted their dentist, they finally decided to embark on treatment or not.

But believe me, those methods were helpful, yet not accurate in many cases.
This was the primary source of patient disgruntlement after the conclusion of treatment.
So, if you are after some form of cosmetic make-over, please make sure you know how you will look like, and you also know about all ins and outs of the treatment before you decide.

The key to this problem is DSD or digital smile design.

As I have mentioned in my previous videos and blogs, DSD could help us create a blueprint or “project” that could be implemented with near 100% accuracy.
It is a process of reverse engineering in which your smile is designed based on your facial features, then treatments are formulated with the aim of putting teeth according to the smile design. Therefore, the road map is quite clear in terms of time, cost; etc.

Once the project is presented, patients could always amend them according to their specific circumstances, because there is always more than one solution to a problem. After an agreement is reached between patient and dentist, the treatment begins.
What is even more exciting about this approach is the “quality control” feature.Since everything is done digitally, the final result could be superimposed on the initial project to make some tweaks and final adjustments.
Alright fellows, as the tip of this video, I wanted to show you what could go wrong behind the scenes in cosmetic dentistry:

– Make sure you know what you will receive
– Ask about every minute detail of the treatment
– Commit to the whole process and follow your dentist’s recommendations to the letter

Have a beautiful day!

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