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Hello everyone!

Welcome to the third blog on the topic of “Behind the scenes in dentistry” from My Dental Tips series. I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.

There is a very common question that has to be answered: patients always ask us how long we can guarantee a specific type of treatment.

To answer this, I need to begin with a question: how long were you able to keep your virgin teeth healthy and in a very good condition?! As you can see, the reason why a patient asks this question is because they need some form of dental treatment and it clearly shows that they were not able to keep their sound, original teeth in good shape over time.
Let alone repaired teeth by a dentist!

But why is that?

Let’s begin with oral environment. There is a great deal of wear and tear happening over time, because teeth are subjected to many different variables like forces, temperatures, chemicals; etc.

Another important factor is bacterial attack that could inversely affect the longevity of dental fillings, crowns, veneers, and implants.

Mouth functions as a system, with teeth, gum, muscles, joints all working together in harmony. If anything disrupts this (this is what is called Homeostasis or internal balance), the weakest link in the chain begins to fail.

This is the reason why we see different types of patients in dentistry:

some struggle with gum issues, others suffer from tooth decay, and some from both.

There are some factors that could help increase the life span of dental treatments in the mouth:

– Good oral hygiene

– Good diet in terms of chemicals (I mean avoiding excessive acidic foods like orange, lemon, vinegar; etc)
– Good diet in terms of chewing forces (avoiding super hard or crunchy foods like Lollies)

– Avoiding impacts and protecting teeth (in cases of contact sports or accidents)

– Protecting teeth from the effects of grinding (by wearing night guards)

– And having six-monthly check-up and cleans to stay on the right track
As you can see, there is no way we can predict how long a certain type of dental treatment may last in patient’s mouth. Therefore, there is no guarantee on dental treatments. What your dentist can do is to provide you with enough information on your present condition and how it could be improved, plus rendering the best treatment possible, both in terms of craftsmanship and material quality.
The rest all lies in your hands!

Have a great day and goodbye!

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