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Today’s blog is about if you are a good candidate for veneer treatment.

To begin with, let me tell you about what dental veneers are. Dental veneers are thin either ceramic or composite layers glued on the surface of the teeth to correct misalignment, cover discoloured areas and therefore, enhance aesthetics. For this treatment to be successful, there should be enough enamel on teeth. What I mean by enamel is the harder shell, which normally covers the surface of the teeth.

Since the longevity of veneers is directly proportional to the presence of enamel layer, people with lack of enamel for any given reason are not good candidates for veneer treatment.

Due to the limited thickness of veneers, there is always limitation on how much we could cover the tooth discolouration. If tooth discoloration is quite extreme, veneer treatment may not be a good option.

The next thing that we need to consider is the degree of misalignment of the teeth. If it is more than a certain limit, doing treatments like Orthodontics is suggested at first, which could help patient avoid veneer treatment totally in some instances. It could also provide dentist with a situation in which he could do a more conservative veneer treatment.

The last contraindication of veneers is when bite forces are quite high or when the patient is suffering from any type of muscular or joint problems, or grinds or clenches during the night.

The best way to ascertain the veneer treatment is the appropriate treatment for you is to arrange a consultation with your cosmetic dentist. After running some tests, they would let you know if you’re a good candidate and what results you could expect.

I hope this short blog is beneficial to you. We are always here to help you decide if you want to embark on such a treatment.

Thank you, guys, and have a great day!

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