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As a cosmetic dentist, I’ve heard multiple times if some tooth grinding is necessary in veneer treatment.

We all know the main purpose of this treatment is beautification, and as a result, it’s hard for many to justify the loss of a part of their tooth just to look better.

In fact, veneer treatment is totally reversible and involves no grinding in majority of cases, however, it’s something that’s largely determined by a collaboration between cosmetic dentist and patient during consultation.

During this session, dentist would try to match patient’s expectations with what he could reasonably achieve, and based on that, present the appropriate treatment plan to patient.

There has been ground breaking advancements in material science, which has led to veneers being made in very thin sections (as thin as 0.2mm). This, combined with outstanding optical properties, has opened a new realm in cosmetic dentistry.

A consultation with your cosmetic dentist could easily determine if no prep veneers are applicable to you.

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