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Hello everyone!

Today, I will be talking about the third important factor, determining the success of a smile makeover. It is what all patients are concerned about, stay with me!


Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio with another super important video from my dental tips series.

Have you ever asked this question: Is it worth it to have beautiful veneers or crowns because you were concerned there would be some grinding involved?

Everyone likes to have beautiful smiles, but considering the pros and cons, many people are half-hearted if their teeth need to be “touched”, and they are concerned about the consequences, i.e., sensitivity, decay; etc.

It is understandable and totally true!

If you have watched my previous video on veneers, you know that in some cases, a degree of shaving of the teeth is necessary. But how much?

It largely depends on where the new veneers should be and where your teeth are at the moment. For more than 50 years, dentists used to do “free hand” veneer or crown preparations, which had caused unnecessary removal of tooth enamel, produced sensitivity and reduced the longevity of the veneers or crowns.

With the help of digital dentistry, it is history now!

This brings us to the topic of this video, which is “tooth friendliness”.

By utilising DSD (digital smile design), we can produce a project, which is accepted by both dentist and patient. Then we clearly know what areas we need to reduce (if any, in many cases it could be almost zero!).

Then a guide is prepared to show the dentist where exactly needs to be prepared. This preserves the precious enamel of the teeth, reduces the chance of sensitivity, and prolongs the life span of restorations.

Please tune in for the next video, focusing on the fourth factor determining the success of a smile makeover.

Love you all guys!


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