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Are you a busy professional who likes to smile and look beautifully, but has no time to waste for lengthy treatments at a dental practice? If that is you, keep reading, I have got a solution!


Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio with another episode of My Dental Tips.

Today I will be talking about how digital dentistry could help you achieve a fantastic result in terms of aesthetics in the shortest term. This factor or (time frame) could be an important factor in the success of a smile makeover.

You know what? To be very honest, dentists hate the time-consuming procedures too. Besides being too expensive for them, they are quite frustrating for our patients, and what we would like to gain is a nice experience for them.

The biggest timewaster, especially in cosmetic dentistry are the procedures related to adjustment. It is so delicate most of the times, and believe me, it takes even longer than the actual treatment sometimes.

As I have said multiple times before, with everything planned and approved as a project in DSD (digital smile design), we can minimise the guesswork throughout the treatment. Therefore, the final result needs miniscule adjustment, if any.

Also, the ability to reproduce and execute the final plan according to the virtual one helps us get rid of this big hassle.

You can have a big treatment (including whitening, several crowns or veneers) done in as short as 5 sessions. The same treatment used to take at least 10 sessions! Unbelievable, right?!

Please stick around for the last blog on the factors determining the success of a smile makeover.

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