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Hi everybody!

Are you concerned about durability of dental treatment you receive when you go to your dentist? If the answer is yes, stay with me, because I will be showing you how you can guarantee this!

Welcome to another dose of My Dental Tips. Dr Shervin here from Artistic Dental Studio.

You have probably seen or heard dental fillings that come out after a while, veneers that crack, or crowns that chip over time? It is quite disappointing, isn’t it?

There could be a myriad of reasons why these things happen, but the most important one which pertains to the topic of my blog today, or “longevity” is the lack of planning.

Failures happen over time, and many of these are due to thin fillings, veneers, or crowns. With the aid of digital dentistry, every treatment is planned ahead. Dentist knows how much they need to remove (if any) to provide enough thickness. Therefore, failures could be minimised and at the same time, sound tooth tissue will be spared and protected, which was the topic of the previous blog on “tooth friendliness”.

Another aspect that increases the life span of dental restorations dramatically is the way the top and bottom teeth make contact.

With the help of digital dentistry and DSD or digital smile design, all contacts between upper and lower teeth are designed before the treatment is initiated. This way, we can avoid high pressures on weaker areas to reduce the chance of failure down the line.

See you soon with the next one!


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