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Hi there!

Welcome to the second blog about the key factors determining the success of a smile makeover from my dental tips series.

I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.


Today, I will be talking about the ease of treatment.

Dental treatment is not something people normally look forward to unless the results are quite clear, and the total experience is not unpleasant. But how?

With the aid of digital dentistry, it is possible now!

We can make all adjustments needed on the virtual plan on computer not on your teeth!

Let me explain how: we can easily change the treatment plan according to patient’s wishes, until an agreement is reached. Then, a prototype (mock up) is made and fitted on teeth to show how the final result would look like. If approved by patient, we can then begin the treatment and “touch” the teeth.

This alleviates the need to make lengthy, boring, unpleasant adjustments when the treatment is finished, just to try to get the patient like their new smile.

Another aspect digital dentistry could help us with is to minimise the number of appointments needed, because everything is predetermined and there are no nasty surprises. The less the number of appointments, the more is the overall satisfaction!

And finally, digital dentistry could facilitate the most dreaded procedure of all (anesthesia) by utilising digital anesthesia.

Dental syringe has been used in dentistry for around a hundred years, and even us as dentists believe it looks horrible! Also, in some areas of the mouth, injections could be painful at times. With digital anesthesia, there is no syringe. It is delivered in a less threatening way (pen grip), and due to controlled flow of anesthetic material, pain is no longer a concern.


So, as you can see, new digital methods could help alleviate the pain and discomfort related to dental procedures.

Stick around as I will take you to the third factor determining the success of a smile make over in the next blog.

Love you all!



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