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Howdy gorgeous people!
Would you like to achieve your most beautiful and healthy smile easily and predictably?
Stay with me, I will show you in the next 6 blogs!

Dr Shervin here from Artistic Dental Studio with exciting blogs from My Dental Tips series.
I will be talking about the 6 most important factors that could determine the level of satisfaction after a smile make over.
We all know how a beautiful smile can affect and touch our lives and how disastrous it could be if things are not the way we expected them to be.
So, let me summarise these six key principles:
1- Predictability
2- Ease of treatment
3- Tooth friendliness
4- Longevity
5- Time frame
6- Cost
In the next 6 blogs, I will elaborate on how we can make sure all these aforementioned factors could be fulfilled by utilising digital dentistry and DSD (Digital Smile Design).
To begin with the first factor (predictability), let me take you to a typical scenario:
Patient is not happy with their smile. Dentist shows them some before and after photos, a model of their teeth, etc to try to make them understand how they would look like after the treatment.

If patient is happy to proceed, the treatment begins and after a while, dentist delivers the new smile. But unfortunately, in some cases, the result is not the one patient had expected and it causes disappointment for the patient and frustration for the dentist. Sounds familiar, huh?!
What if the final result could be presented to patient before the treatment and the “exact” same smile could be delivered afterwards? It is possible now by utilising DSD.
No guesswork whatsoever!
The final result could be shown both virtually and in the form of a mock-up directly on patient’s teeth!

If patient is not satisfied, the project could be amended until total satisfaction is achieved.
This is how we can guarantee patients will like their new beautiful, healthy smiles!
In some cases, the changes are so drastic (in a positive way) that without showing the final result before initiating the treatment, it would lead to a nasty surprise and therefore, disappointment.
Please stick around, because next time I will be talking about the next determining factor.
Please share as usual!


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