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Hi Mates!


No one likes to pay unnecessarily when receiving a service, and dental treatment is not an exception!

Today, I will be showing you how you can reduce your payment at dentist, without compromising the quality!


Welcome to the last blog about the determining factors in smile makeover success from my dental tips series, I am Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio.


I am going to wrap up these series by the most important factor, or the cost.

Do you know what increases the cost of treatments in a dental practice? As a layperson, I do not expect you to. The first and most important factor is the chair time. The more a patient needs to stay in a dental chair for a certain procedure, the more costly it would be. Another factor is the choice of materials used, and the last important one is the money spent on possible repair and adjustments after the treatment is finished.


Now the question is: how digital dentistry or Digital Smile Design could help patients reduce their costs?


  • By reducing the total treatment time and number of sessions, because the road map is predetermined and clear
  • By providing the chance to the patient to have a chat about the choice of materials and select the ones according to their budget in a more certain way
  • By minimising the chance of further repair and adjustments after the conclusion of the treatment, as everything is well calculated ahead and there is no guesswork.

So, as you can see, there are numerous benefits having your dental treatment done digitally rather than old, analogue way.


We, at Artistic Dental Studio, take pride in providing digital treatments, and as a DSD member, I benefit from working with highly skilled professionals, helping me formulate exceptional treatment plans for our beloved patients.


Please stay with us for the next exciting blog, in which I will present a new method to help patients with extreme dental wear.


Love you all and have a good one!

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