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As a cosmetic dentist, I’ve been treating different cases of tooth discolouration over the last 25 years. The noticeable thing is people are frustrated by the fact that it’s a recurrent phenomenon.

Tooth staining could affect individual in many different ways; it could cause lack of self-confidence, therefore turn one into an introvert person and as a consequence, lead to loss of opportunities (work, social; etc), and finally isolation or even depression.

The benefits of white, healthy looking teeth include, but not limited to:

More sociability
Better exposure as a result
More chances of career progression and success
Better wellbeing
More wealth
This is what made me write this report titled: “3 SIMPLE STEPS TO WHITER TEETH IN 7 DAYS WITHOUT BLEACH” to help you achieve this goal as quickly as possible with minimum cost and tooth sensitivity.

The steps are as follows:

Limit the exposure of your teeth to these items. The less the better:
Tea and Coffee

Red wine

Soda, Cola

Cranberry and Grape juices


Tomato sauce

Balsamic vinegar

Soy sauce

Popsicles and Candy

Sports drinks

And finally, smoking.

Do proper brushing (manual or electric) twice daily and once daily flossing.
In case of manual, use vibration or circular motions (avoid scrubbing sideways). You don’t have to use hard brush to be effective, time is the essence. Normal brushing should be gentle, but at least take 3-5 minutes.

And in case of electric tooth brush, just put it on the tooth and let it either vibrate, oscillate, or rotate. Never put extra force or movement.C

Arrange to have a nice, professional cleaning with your dentist if you haven’t had one recently
There could be some stubborn stains, which you can’t get rid of, irrespective of the method or intensity of your brushing.

We wish you a whiter, healthier looking teeth as soon as possible, good luck!

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