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Hello everyone!

Dr Shervin from Artistic Dental Studio. Today I’m really pumped, because I’m going to cover the topic of small makeover and the reason why I’m excited is because that’s a treatment that people are normally looking for, they are really excited about it, everyone wants to enhance their smile and unfortunately, there are some points people are not aware of. I will cover two of them for you today.

So, let me begin with the definition of smile makeover: as the name implies, smile makeover is any treatment that could lead to enhancement of smile.

People normally think smile makeover is something really complicated, it is a treatment that needs a lot of expertise and one has to be specialized for that. This is the first thing I want to address. Smile make over consists of series of treatments, some are very easy to perform, and some are complicated and great expertise and experience are needed.

These treatments include:

Teeth whitening procedures, which I have covered in detail in another blog you can easily find.
Teeth reshaping, which is basically changing the shape of teeth, but not in a drastic way. Sometimes by reducing some corners by just a fraction of a millimetre we can create huge difference in patient’s smile. It is something delicate to perform and it could be done in a short time relatively easily. This is something that normal people do not expect. They may be under this impression that smile makeover is something related to a big, major treatment and it is out of question for them, but in fact, it is not true.
The third one is Invisalign. There is a blog about this topic you can read through. By the use of Invisalign, we could move teeth to optimal positions and create a much more pleasing smile.
The next one is veneers, which I had a blog about as well.
The fifth one is crowns and bridges. With the aid of this treatment modality, we could change the shape and form and the shade of teeth quite effectively. You can find the related blog as well.
The next option is dental implants to replace the missing teeth, and therefore, regain the lost appearance. There are a few blogs covering this important topic.
Dentures are another important category. There are different types of dentures discussed on a separate blog.
Also, there are some surgical methods to improve the appearance of patient. For example, in patients with gummy smiles, surgical procedures could be utilised. Repositioning of lip and also changing the shape of gum and removal of the excess of gum are a few procedures that could help us tackle this problem.
The last option are Botox and fillers, which is something very common these days and it could easily help us by changing the shape and movement of the tissue and removal of wrinkles.

So, as you can see, there is a wide range of treatments, beginning from very easy options like reshaping, to some options like surgical methods or implants that could require extensive expertise and experience.

As you can see, smile make over could be done with ease in many cases.

The second myth about smile makeover is that people think it is a very expensive treatment option. in fact, in many cases it is not.

By doing one or a few of some of these aforementioned treatments as easy as whitening or reshaping, we could transform the smile of patients, who used to think they had to spend heaps to achieve the smile they were craving for all their lives.

The last part of my blog today is about a simple formula: ABC.

A stands for alignment. Alignment is the first thing people are concerned about and we deal with in smile make over. For example, cases in which tilting outwards or inwards is involved, or when teeth are crooked, overlapping or spaced.
B stands for brightness. Brightness and shade are the factors many people notice first.
And C is contour. Contour is the shape of teeth. Some people may not be happy about the shape of some individual teeth, they may like them to be more rounded, appear more feminine (or masculine), or to match their personality. Certain shapes of teeth match certain types of personalities.

So, by implementing this formula in our smile makeover procedures, we can easily meet patient’s expectations and in many cases, even exceed them.

Alright, I hope I was able to give you some tips and ideas about smile makeover, and also able to address those two wrong beliefs about this type of treatment.

Thank you very much for your attention!

Have a fantastic one!

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