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Hi guys!

Today I want to introduce a new method to you, which has been quite effective and helpful to us and our patients. We have been using this for quite a while, and we were able to help many patients since.

Now let’s jump in:

I need to give you some explanations about filling procedure first. As you may know, whenever a filling needs to be done, there is usually a decay, and it needs to be cleaned up, which will leave a cavity behind, that must be filled. Doing the filling helps us restore the original shade and shape of the tooth.

The problem with the original methods is the use of a drill. We used to use drills in dentistry for over 100 years and we still do. Drills are quite efficient and quick, but the main problem with drill is heat production and some vibration. This is why we normally need to give anaesthesia to patients when we use drills, and people usually do not like it.

What I’m trying to explain is the method that actually is much more comfortable in comparison to drill and we can avoid injections as well, which is very pleasant to our patients.

This new device utilises a stream of aluminium oxide particles, coming out from a nozzle and it easily brushes off the decay quickly without any heat production and without any vibration. It takes a bit longer compared to a drill, but it is very tooth-friendly and conservative, and all patient would feel is a sensation of cold. People really like this approach, and in patients with phobia of needles or people who simply don’t like the sensation of numbness, it is a game changer.

I hope it was quite informative.

Thank you very much and enjoy the rest of your day!

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